Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Guys I just finished my second bout in Boxing and you can chalk it up along Pavlik (32-0, 29 KOs) AFRIKA (2-0. 1 KOs) remained undefeated. I kicked ass just like he did, but hotter. My contender suffered his a loss, because he challenged me to a surprise match when he walked in my training gym, boasting are you AFRIKA, and I am going to Kick your ASS. Instead, I used his ass to mop up my Mats. We started out with boxing and after a couple of rounds, I found that he was no match for me. I soon made him my boxing bag, and did you know that there is nothing better than a real body to punch. The punches connect so great. I punched him silly. Because I am humble I gave him a chance to redeem hisself in a Wrestling Match. Again, he was useless. Soon I found that he was no match for me in either Boxing or Wrestling. Then I had to teach him a lesson, Boxing 101 - Rule #1 Don't challenge a opponent that you are no match for. Rule #2 If you do, be ready for the consequences. Rule #3 If you find yourself used as a boxing bag or floor mat get out of there as fast as you can. And the final Rule DON'T PICK A MATCH WITH AFRIKA or Better yet TRAIN YOUR ASS OFF FIRST BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THIS!!!! To all the fighting fans out there. I am training in Boxing so watch out for some Dynamic, Explosive Fighting combined with Martial Arts (JEET KUNE DO) and my favorite Wrestling. I love this stuff so please note that I will also include Strangling,Suffocation and Domination my favorites. Enjoy