Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Firm Episode 3 (featuring Shelly Martinez and Rachel)

Hello Fans You are in for a treat, My New Firm Series at is Hot,Steamy, Action-packed and filled with excitement. I've added some new deadly members to my Female Assassin Team. You are going to love her, "Shelly Martinez" she is Vicious, Voluptuous and Gorgegous. Shelly will work with me to track down Men and Women around the World. Our Mission is always the same to beat, manipulate, taunt, and torture our victims. Every episode will keep you wanting to see and hear more. We will have you eating out of our hands. Because no one knows how to take a person out!! better than me. Not so simple, because we have more to taking you out than others, we play, we tease, we prance, we destroy, while using the things you love most like wrestling, boxing, pony play, lifting and carrying our prey to extinction. Watch it!! Don't Miss it!! You will want to know who's next? It may be you.............. The Firm Episode 3 will debut on in November.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Boxing Beat Down with Afrika

Hello Fans Are you ready for this??? I had my first Boxing Bout with a 3 times National Champion Boxer. He weighed in at 210lbs 5'11. I weighed in at 190lbs, 5'7. I have to tell you, he boasted about being a College Wrestler and 3 times National Boxing Champion. When I got to the Studio he was wearing a big Tshirt and I could not see his body, when he came out in his shorts, I was pleasantly surprised, he was muscular and defined. I immediately wanted to Wrestle him first to see whether he was everything he boasted about. By round 2 , I knew he was no match for me. By round 5, I choked, squeezed, scissored and figure foured him into Submission. It felt great putting this muscular body into the pretzel that I twisted him up in. He was a talker and got on my last nerve, so I had to bring on the heat. I bear hugged him and dropped him to his knees, and then I jumped on his back and asked him Who’s Your Daddy Now. I rode him around like a pony and called him my White Stallion, and finalized it with a sleeper and smothered him until he could not breathe. I won the match and defeated him. I gave him a 20 minute breather and then I took on his challenge of boxing. He said he was the real deal Holly Field. I said after the wrestling match, He had to show me!! We suited up, he took the first punch and then it was on. We went toe to toe and everything goes. I felt like I was boxing a midget, he was fast and he ran around the ring. He thought, he could tax me, He has another thought coming. I train cardio, just for this shit. Then I went ballistic, I gave him a punching festival over and over again. I knocked the wind out of him and then , Bamm!!! I caught a great right face punch, because he grabbed my chest, illegal. I had no choice. He buckled and I picked him up, Fireman carried him, spinned him around and dropped him to ground. This match was OVER!! You have to WATCH IT, BUY IT, YOU MUST SEE THIS ACTION. I had a great time kicking his butt. He made me decide to take on more Boxing Matches, So I am calling out to you, Whereever you are, Whoever you are. Bring IT ON. I will be training, preparing and waiting to kick your ass in the ring. AFRIKA