Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Kicked ass in NYC

Hello Fans I just returned from New York City. Victims came down from New Jersey, Boston, Long Island and all the 5 Burroughs. I had 12 matches in 2 days, Kicking Ass and Taking names, One by one, no breaks just 15min time for me to shower and prepare for the next 1 hour match. I have to tell you on day 2, I could have had more fun beating butt, but a tornado and Flash Flood happened and some of my opponents cancelled. I say to that, IF THEY ARE AFRAID OF MOTHER NATURE, THEN THEY DEFINITELY COULD NOT WRESTLE ME. It was Hot and Sticky and even with the AC on ultra high, In my matted rooom suite you have no chance when I unleash my squeeze, grip, crush, control and dominate. It felt good being the Victor again, and again and again. I had one of them throw up his dinner(gross) at least he tapped out and got to the bathroom(toliet). .
I am calling you guys out on the East Coast!!
Next time you must get in shape (cardio) because I will wear you out, beat you up, make you submit to me!! I truly love New York, it's a gritty city with lots of interesting people, but even the Big Apple is no match for AFRIKA.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

News from AfrikanAdventure Action series

Hello Fans:
My current project is My Action Series - The Firm. This is a Series of Action Videos depicting me as the Ultra Female Assassin. I definitely give Jennifer Garner something to recon with. My videos are about me going out and finding the victims, my clients have hired me to kill. The way I kill them however is the treat. I wrestle, fight, hold, choke, and beat them into submission. I find Men and Women all around the globe and surprise and attack them. With my barehands and awesome strength, I take them while humiliating them, or telling them just how I will kill them. I come to their homes, work or play and do my business. I am an Assassin and I am determined to finish the job, however and whatever I encounter along the way.

With this Series, I am always looking forvictims who require a good A_ _ Whoopin, and have no idea that it's coming. Watch out for this Action-Packed Series, YOU JUST MIGHT BE NEXT. Check out my website

Hey one more plug to keep you wet and excited. I will be shooting my HardCoreTraining Regimine and I also welcome you want to be me fitness buffs to Join mefor a Workout. These Hardcore Training Videos will cover my great bodypartswhile, I show my training partner or partners just how it's done. How youdevelop the most muscular BODY. CHECK IT OUT!!!! UNTIL WE MEET ENJOY THESCREENAFRIKA