Sunday, August 5, 2007

News from AfrikanAdventure Action series

Hello Fans:
My current project is My Action Series - The Firm. This is a Series of Action Videos depicting me as the Ultra Female Assassin. I definitely give Jennifer Garner something to recon with. My videos are about me going out and finding the victims, my clients have hired me to kill. The way I kill them however is the treat. I wrestle, fight, hold, choke, and beat them into submission. I find Men and Women all around the globe and surprise and attack them. With my barehands and awesome strength, I take them while humiliating them, or telling them just how I will kill them. I come to their homes, work or play and do my business. I am an Assassin and I am determined to finish the job, however and whatever I encounter along the way.

With this Series, I am always looking forvictims who require a good A_ _ Whoopin, and have no idea that it's coming. Watch out for this Action-Packed Series, YOU JUST MIGHT BE NEXT. Check out my website

Hey one more plug to keep you wet and excited. I will be shooting my HardCoreTraining Regimine and I also welcome you want to be me fitness buffs to Join mefor a Workout. These Hardcore Training Videos will cover my great bodypartswhile, I show my training partner or partners just how it's done. How youdevelop the most muscular BODY. CHECK IT OUT!!!! UNTIL WE MEET ENJOY THESCREENAFRIKA


brain4711 said...

Hi Afrika!

You are a great fighter and i like it to see you fight and wearing boots. I hope you make more videos where you kick ass with your boots. You are the queen of pain and your headscissors are really deadly, but are yout strong enough to beat me? I think i have a good chance to beat you altough i am not so muscular. But i am "The Brain" and if you come to germany i will kick your ass out of your boots. I hope you are coming to europe to fight me.

The Brain

jfm said...

These sound like some very exciting projects you have in the works. Apparently you are as much a creative dynamo as you are a physical dynamo. Keep up the great job.

underheel said...

It's great to see you beating down and humiliating men. You truly are an awesome sight.

What I'd really like to see is you making men grovel and lick your boots/high heels, begging for their lives. If they don't grovel and lick to your satisfaction, they're in for more pain. That would be a great motivator. With your powerful body no-one would have to suspend their disbelief at all!

brain4711 said...

@underheel: o yeah, that is very cool. I want see the people are licking africas boots.

Africa, come to Germany, and i fight you. If you beat me, i will lick your boots. But i think, i'm strong enough to beat you. How many pounds have you?

Afrika said...

We have at least a dozen new videos in The Firm series planned all of which will have me in boots and sexy costumes beating up and humiliating men and women. We have some gorgeous girls planned for appearance in this video series for AfrikanAdventure.
As for The Brain. I will give you special treatment when we meet. Watch the end of my new boxing movie that has not yet been released and you will see what happens to macho guys that want to beat me.

brain4711 said...

Hey Africa, I am strained of this special treatment and will look the video if it's been released. But I don't have fear! Your headscissors are deadly for ervery victim, and your sleeperhold are very good. But in my opinion, you have only these two effective submission holds. I have never seen any other good submission holdd from you in a real submssion match. Where are the armbars, leglocks, ankle locks or nerve holds? You just overpowered your oppenents, but your technique it's not so good.

I think I'm too fast for you and I have more condition. I think I have a chance to beat you, if we wrestle 30 minutes ore more. Okay, if you get me between your boots, I have no chance and must submit. How many minutes need to run a mile?

I want a real submission match against you, and then we will see at the end, if you must kiss my foots or I kiss your boots.

At the end I must make praise for you! Your Blog is very good, and I have a lot of fun. It's very good, that you answer to your fans in the comments! I'm a great fan of you and as I saw the firm-video, i said "Wow!!!!". It's very sexy to see you wearing these black boots and kicking ass!

underheel said...

She'll grind you under her boot Brain4711! You'll be begging for mercy.

It would be great to see some boot/shoe kissing/licking in future videos though.

Maybe a scene where you force your opponent to do press-ups with your boot on his back. Every time he goes down he has to kiss your boot.

Or maybe after you have totally defeated your opponent, you order him to crawl to you on his belly, like a worm, and lick your boots clean.

Many scenarios are popping to in my head :)

brain4711 said...

I will never begging for mercy in a fight against Africa. If I meet Africa I kick her ass trough the ring! When she feels my painful ankle lock, Africa makes the Tape-Out! Come on Africa! Give me a fight and we will see who is the better fighter! At the end you must kiss my foots!





Anonymous said...

Will we ever see a beatdown clip where you punch a guy in the face and in the stomach with your bare fists?
It would be wonderful.