Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Guys I just finished my second bout in Boxing and you can chalk it up along Pavlik (32-0, 29 KOs) AFRIKA (2-0. 1 KOs) remained undefeated. I kicked ass just like he did, but hotter. My contender suffered his a loss, because he challenged me to a surprise match when he walked in my training gym, boasting are you AFRIKA, and I am going to Kick your ASS. Instead, I used his ass to mop up my Mats. We started out with boxing and after a couple of rounds, I found that he was no match for me. I soon made him my boxing bag, and did you know that there is nothing better than a real body to punch. The punches connect so great. I punched him silly. Because I am humble I gave him a chance to redeem hisself in a Wrestling Match. Again, he was useless. Soon I found that he was no match for me in either Boxing or Wrestling. Then I had to teach him a lesson, Boxing 101 - Rule #1 Don't challenge a opponent that you are no match for. Rule #2 If you do, be ready for the consequences. Rule #3 If you find yourself used as a boxing bag or floor mat get out of there as fast as you can. And the final Rule DON'T PICK A MATCH WITH AFRIKA or Better yet TRAIN YOUR ASS OFF FIRST BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THIS!!!! To all the fighting fans out there. I am training in Boxing so watch out for some Dynamic, Explosive Fighting combined with Martial Arts (JEET KUNE DO) and my favorite Wrestling. I love this stuff so please note that I will also include Strangling,Suffocation and Domination my favorites. Enjoy

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Firm Episode 3 (featuring Shelly Martinez and Rachel)

Hello Fans You are in for a treat, My New Firm Series at is Hot,Steamy, Action-packed and filled with excitement. I've added some new deadly members to my Female Assassin Team. You are going to love her, "Shelly Martinez" she is Vicious, Voluptuous and Gorgegous. Shelly will work with me to track down Men and Women around the World. Our Mission is always the same to beat, manipulate, taunt, and torture our victims. Every episode will keep you wanting to see and hear more. We will have you eating out of our hands. Because no one knows how to take a person out!! better than me. Not so simple, because we have more to taking you out than others, we play, we tease, we prance, we destroy, while using the things you love most like wrestling, boxing, pony play, lifting and carrying our prey to extinction. Watch it!! Don't Miss it!! You will want to know who's next? It may be you.............. The Firm Episode 3 will debut on in November.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Boxing Beat Down with Afrika

Hello Fans Are you ready for this??? I had my first Boxing Bout with a 3 times National Champion Boxer. He weighed in at 210lbs 5'11. I weighed in at 190lbs, 5'7. I have to tell you, he boasted about being a College Wrestler and 3 times National Boxing Champion. When I got to the Studio he was wearing a big Tshirt and I could not see his body, when he came out in his shorts, I was pleasantly surprised, he was muscular and defined. I immediately wanted to Wrestle him first to see whether he was everything he boasted about. By round 2 , I knew he was no match for me. By round 5, I choked, squeezed, scissored and figure foured him into Submission. It felt great putting this muscular body into the pretzel that I twisted him up in. He was a talker and got on my last nerve, so I had to bring on the heat. I bear hugged him and dropped him to his knees, and then I jumped on his back and asked him Who’s Your Daddy Now. I rode him around like a pony and called him my White Stallion, and finalized it with a sleeper and smothered him until he could not breathe. I won the match and defeated him. I gave him a 20 minute breather and then I took on his challenge of boxing. He said he was the real deal Holly Field. I said after the wrestling match, He had to show me!! We suited up, he took the first punch and then it was on. We went toe to toe and everything goes. I felt like I was boxing a midget, he was fast and he ran around the ring. He thought, he could tax me, He has another thought coming. I train cardio, just for this shit. Then I went ballistic, I gave him a punching festival over and over again. I knocked the wind out of him and then , Bamm!!! I caught a great right face punch, because he grabbed my chest, illegal. I had no choice. He buckled and I picked him up, Fireman carried him, spinned him around and dropped him to ground. This match was OVER!! You have to WATCH IT, BUY IT, YOU MUST SEE THIS ACTION. I had a great time kicking his butt. He made me decide to take on more Boxing Matches, So I am calling out to you, Whereever you are, Whoever you are. Bring IT ON. I will be training, preparing and waiting to kick your ass in the ring. AFRIKA

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Kicked ass in NYC

Hello Fans I just returned from New York City. Victims came down from New Jersey, Boston, Long Island and all the 5 Burroughs. I had 12 matches in 2 days, Kicking Ass and Taking names, One by one, no breaks just 15min time for me to shower and prepare for the next 1 hour match. I have to tell you on day 2, I could have had more fun beating butt, but a tornado and Flash Flood happened and some of my opponents cancelled. I say to that, IF THEY ARE AFRAID OF MOTHER NATURE, THEN THEY DEFINITELY COULD NOT WRESTLE ME. It was Hot and Sticky and even with the AC on ultra high, In my matted rooom suite you have no chance when I unleash my squeeze, grip, crush, control and dominate. It felt good being the Victor again, and again and again. I had one of them throw up his dinner(gross) at least he tapped out and got to the bathroom(toliet). .
I am calling you guys out on the East Coast!!
Next time you must get in shape (cardio) because I will wear you out, beat you up, make you submit to me!! I truly love New York, it's a gritty city with lots of interesting people, but even the Big Apple is no match for AFRIKA.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

News from AfrikanAdventure Action series

Hello Fans:
My current project is My Action Series - The Firm. This is a Series of Action Videos depicting me as the Ultra Female Assassin. I definitely give Jennifer Garner something to recon with. My videos are about me going out and finding the victims, my clients have hired me to kill. The way I kill them however is the treat. I wrestle, fight, hold, choke, and beat them into submission. I find Men and Women all around the globe and surprise and attack them. With my barehands and awesome strength, I take them while humiliating them, or telling them just how I will kill them. I come to their homes, work or play and do my business. I am an Assassin and I am determined to finish the job, however and whatever I encounter along the way.

With this Series, I am always looking forvictims who require a good A_ _ Whoopin, and have no idea that it's coming. Watch out for this Action-Packed Series, YOU JUST MIGHT BE NEXT. Check out my website

Hey one more plug to keep you wet and excited. I will be shooting my HardCoreTraining Regimine and I also welcome you want to be me fitness buffs to Join mefor a Workout. These Hardcore Training Videos will cover my great bodypartswhile, I show my training partner or partners just how it's done. How youdevelop the most muscular BODY. CHECK IT OUT!!!! UNTIL WE MEET ENJOY THESCREENAFRIKA

Friday, April 6, 2007

"Mind over matter" by Afrika

Wouldn't it be great if we could attain the body and power you only dreamed about. Just by thinking about it? What if I told you that your mind actually plays the most important role in your success in getting fit and manifesting the power you need to be strong? Sounds crazy, but it's true...Our subconscious mind has one all-important job, and it succeeds every time. What is this job? To prove that your beliefs are true. Note the wording here: To prove that YOUR BELIEFS are true. Not to point out what is actually true. Nope, though what a difference that would make.Your beliefs are the truth for your life. It is that simple. Whether or not these beliefs are in fact true doesn't matter. If you believe something to be true, then your subconscious mind will perceive the universe around you in such a way that makes this belief true.Here's an example, if you believe that in general people like you then when you meet a new person your subconscious will point out reasons why this person does indeed like you. You will interpret their smile and handshake in a different way than someone who has the belief that no one likes them.So how does this relate to your fitness level?If you have the belief that getting in shape is hard, that eating healthy is boring, or that weight loss is elusive then you will find getting in shape to be very difficult. If you think of yourself as a fat person, or an out-of-shape person, or just an average person then your subconscious mind will do everything in its power to keep you that way.Wow - isn't that amazing? Take a minute to let that sink in.The great thing about our subconscious mind is that we can train it to work for us instead of against us. All we have to do is change our belief.I'm sure you have heard the term "Believe and Achieve" - many schools have this painted on their walls and it is even printed on T-shirts. Well, the concept is absolutely true and when applied can bring success to your door faster than you thought possible.It won't help if you simply think that it 'isn't impossible' or that 'it could happen someday.' These aren't true beliefs.In order to have your desired result you need to truly believe with every fiber of your being that you will achieve this goal. If you are overweight then close your eyes and picture yourself fit. If you have fifty pounds to lose then think of yourself as fifty pounds lighter.You will always be what you believe yourself to be.I have to admit something...I believe that everyone who comes to me can and will get into the best shape of their lives. This belief is so strong that most often my clients also begin to believe in themselves, and amazing results are achieved.What proof? Email me today to get started on a personalized fitness or strength training plan that will change your shape and improve your ability quality of life. I believe in you - now it's your turn.Take the first step by contacting me today – Because whether you believe you can or you can't... you'll always be right.
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